Project governance

  • General Assembly (GenA): the decision-making body of the consortium, gathering all partners twice per year; strategic decisions and major technical and operational decisions (like any reschedule of deliverables, milestones, tasks, effort) will be taken by the GenA. Consists of one representative of each partner.
  • Executive Board (EB): the supervisory body for the execution of the project, with meetings once per month. Consists of the work packages leaders.
  • An external reference group, an International Advisory Board (IAB), is headed by the project coordinator and is to be consulted once per year.

Organizational chart

The project organisation of TAILOR, showing the General Assembly on top, and 11 work packages (WP). WP1 Management and WP13 Ethics are excluded from the figure.


WP#TitleLead PartnerPI
1Management, Governance and AssessmentLiUFredrik Heintz
2Strategic Research and Innovation RoadmapINRIAMarc Schoenauer
3Trustworthy AICNRFosca Gianotti
4Integrating AI Paradigms and RepresentationsKU LeuvenLuc De Raedt
5Deciding and Learning How to ActUNIROMA Guiseppe De Giacomo
6Learning and Reasoning in Social ContextsISTAna Paiva
7Automated AIULEIHolger Hoos
8Industry, Innovation and Transfer programDFKIPhilipp Slusallek
9Network collaborationUNIBRISTOLPeter Flach
10Connectivity FundTU/eJoaquin Vanshoren
11Coordination with AI on Demand platformUCCBarry O’Sullivan
12Dissemination and OutreachUNIBOMichela Milano
13Ethics requirementsLiUFredrik Heintz


  • Project Coordinator (PC): responsible for the coordination (Day-to-day scientific and management decision will be taken by the PC). Also the final validation instance;
  • Project Manager (PM): supporting the PC in administrative, financial and management issues;
  • Principal Investigators (PI): the person responsible that the Partner fulfills its obligations and duties in the project.
  • Work Package Leaders (WPL): The PI’s of the lead partner of the WP, responsible for the successful execution of the work packages.
  • Task leader: The PI of the Partner responsible for the Task, or if delegated, the person assigned by the PI to be responsible for the Task.
  • Deliverable Author (Author): the person assigned, by the PI of the Partner responsible, the responsibility of the deliverable report
  • Reviewer: A person assigned the responsibility of reviewing a deliverable report. The PC and PM selects the Partner responsible for the review and agrees with the PI on who is to take this responsibility.