Connectivity fund – WP10



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Joaquin Vanshoren (TU/e), WP leader; Peter Flach (UNIBRIS); José Jong (TU/e)

About WP10

The connectivity fund provides financial support to AI researchers from all over Europe to visit host institutions within the network or vice versa. It mobilizes excellent researchers to collaborate on key AI topics, including those that cannot be envisioned beforehand, enables young researchers to gain experience in top European AI labs, helps unite Europe’s fragmented AI research community, brings in additional expertise, and reinforces Europe’s image as an open, inclusive research powerhouse for AI.
The connectivity fund consists of 2 million EUR, 75% of which is reserved as cascade funding for third parties to visit or host TAILOR labs, and will be administered by TUE. The remaining 25% will support actions within the network (see Tasks 9.3 and 9.5), and will be administered by the project coordinator, LiU, in collaboration with the WP9 leader,
UNIBRIS. Within ICT-48 as a whole, the connectivity fund provides an effective mechanism to facilitate exchanges between different networks of excellence, for which we will coordinate with VISION CSA.

News related to WP10

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    We have just launched a new funding mechanism, the TAILOR Collaboration Exchange Fund (CEF). This fund is open for all TAILOR PhD students, for research visits between 1-3 months at another TAILOR organisation. The fund is intended to strenghten collaboration and increase exchanges between partners. This fund is operating under a continuous call, with cut-off…

  • Connectivity fund – deadline Nov 15

    It’s time to apply for the TAILOR connectivity fund! The fund is open to all European AI researchers, who has great idea to do excellent AI research and an invitation to spend time in another European lab. The focus lies on connecting TAILOR and non-TAILOR labs, and the next deadline is November 15. The TAILOR…

  • Report from the Connectivity Fund

    Julian Schumann at the Insititute for Transportation Studies in Leeds Julian Schumann from TU Delft is one of the students who received funding from TAILOR Connectivity Fund in the last call. Julian presented a project for his PhD period abroad, from TU Delft (TAILOR lab) to the Institute for Transportation Studies at the University of…

  • New projects funded by Connectivity Fund

    Also for this call, Connectivity Fund received many applications. We are glad to announce the funded projects for this session: For having a look to the other projects granted by Connectivity Fund, check this webpage: The next call for Connectivity Fund will be in 4 months. The next deadline is in 15th of March…

  • New projects funded by TAILOR Connectivity Fund

    On 15th of April, TAILOR Connectivity Fund has provided funds for new projects coming from PhD students and researchers from all over Europe. Check the list of all the projects funded by the Connectivity Fund by following this link The next deadline for applying to the Connectivity Fund and submitting your project is on…

  • Connectivity fund open for applications

    The TAILOR network includes many of Europe’s top AI lab, and we want to reach out to the many other excellent labs and organizations across Europe to work together and create new breakthroughs in AI. We especially aim to support young researchers to gain valuable experience and nurture the next generation of AI researchers. This…