Theme development workshops

The projects TAILOR, HumanE AI Net, VISION and CLAIRE AISBL are organising a series of joint so-called Theme Development Workshops (TDW) to bring together key players from specific industry sectors with key AI researchers, as well as additional stakeholders. The objectives are to jointly identify the strategic AI research areas and challenges in the scope of the workshop, and to initiate further activities to address them beyond the event (e.g., joint working groups, research papers, challenges, hackathons, transfer labs).

What is a Theme Development Workshop?

  • One-day workshop with a limited number of pre-selected participants
  • Workshop programme consisting of plenary presentations and focused discussions in smaller groups and breakout sessions
  • Key objective is to elaborate common goals between academia and industry to define a strategic AI research and innovation agenda for a particular industry sector or relevant societal topic (e.g., climate change)

Which topics and industry sectors are planned?

  • Mobility & Transportation (e.g., Future Mobility – Value of data & trust in AI)
  • Smart Industry (e.g., automated AI in large-scale industrial contexts)
  • Health (e.g., trustworthy AI to support personalized treatment)
  • Energy (e.g., AI for large-scale energy management)
  • Public Sector (e.g., trustworthy AI systems and services for public administration)
  • … and many others (you can also suggest topics/areas via the online form)

Who should participate?

  • We are looking for strategic thinkers and AI researchers from industry as well as academic institutions and other interested parties
  • You should be open to discuss and contribute long-term strategic topics and challenges as well as more focused short-to mid-term activities
  • We are welcoming participants at all career stages and levels from all over Europe to include multiple and different perspectives

What is in it for you?

  • Identify the grand challenges for AI in Europe together with leading scientists, key industrial players as well as political and societal stakeholders
  • Contribute to the strategic research and innovation agenda for AI in Europe
  • Meet like-minded people and use the opportunity for networking and participation in follow-up activities (in the projects and beyond, e.g. via internships, hackathons, transfer labs, PhD-programmes)
  • Costs for the workshops are covered, there are no participation fees (you have to pay for your travel expenses for on-site Theme Development Workshops though)

I am interested, when and how can I participate?