3rd TAILOR Conference – Practicalities


You can find the whole program here.

Shuttle to La Certosa

There will be two pickup points for the bus:

  • Piazza Gramsci in front of the entrance of NH Hotel,
  • The train station, under the tower clock of the station (left side of the main exit). Exit the railway station at Floor 0.

On June 4 at 3 pm and 6 pm from P. Gramsci and 15 minutes later from the railway station. The bus will be marked with the TAILOR logo in the front window.
On June 5 and 6, busses will depart from the same pickup points at 8 am and 8.15, respectively.
On June 5, we also pickup at 1 pm (1.15 pm)

DaySiena to La CertosaLa Certosa to Siena
June, 4th3:00 PM Piazza Gramsci
3:15 PM Railway Station
6:00 PM Piazza Gramsci
6:15 PM Railway Station
10 PM to Piazza Gramsci
June, 5th8:00 AM Piazza Gramsci
8:15 AM Railway Station
1:00 PM Piazza Gramsci
1:15 PM Railway Station
11:00 PM to Piazza Gramsci
June, 6th8:00 AM Piazza Gramsci
8:15 AM Railway Station
Social dinner at Castello di Brolio:
Busses from the Social dinner restaurant to both Certosa and Siena
(pick up at La Certosa at 18:30)
June, 7th10:00 AM to Piazza Gramsci

Social Events

June, 4th:
– 19:00-20:30 – Welcome reception
– 20:30 – Dinner at La Certosa

June 5th: Dinner at La Certosa

June 6th: On this last evening of the conference, we will fully enjoy the fantastic Tuscan countryside. The bus will leave La Certosa at 18:30 and take us to Brolio, located in the midst of the beautiful Chianti landscape. First, we will have a look at Castello di Brolio,  and then dinner at the Osteria di Brolio. Brolio is part of the Ricasoli wine producing establishment, and you can read more about it here.
Transport back to both La Certosa and Siena is arranged.
If you didn’t sign up for this yet, please get in touch with Trine.