Collaboration within the Network of Excellence

Deadlines any year: 15th January – 15th May – 15th September

Boosting Connections Between TAILOR Members

The TAILOR Collaboration Exchange Fund aims to enhance collaboration between TAILOR partners by funding mobility of TAILOR researchers (prioritizing PhD students).

Research Visits

We support research visits between 1 and 3 months. We will provide additional funding to your organisation that will allow you to focus on doing excellent AI. Both your lab and the host lab must be part of a TAILOR partner organisation.

Great! Can I apply?

The Collaboration Exchange fund is open to all TAILOR researchers (giving priority to PhD students) from one of the 54 TAILOR partners. The host lab also has to belong to a TAILOR partner*. You need a great idea to do excellent AI research within the broad area of Trustworthy AI through Integrating Learning, Optimisation and Reasining, and have an invitation letter from your hosting lab, and a letter of support from the main TAILOR scientist of your organisation.

*Please note that for research visits involving both an organisation that is not a TAILOR-partner, and a TAILOR partner, there is a separate fund; the TAILOR connectivity fund, .

Research Visits Goals

We are looking for visits that help young researchers gain experience and world-wide recognition by working in excellent labs (scientific step-up). Ideally, the visit also brings together expertise that is currently spread over distinct TAILOR partners (scientific integration) and/or align different European AI initiatives (scientific alliance).