The TAILOR Handbook of trustworthy AI

The TAILOR Handbook of Trustworthy AI is an encyclopedia of the major scientific and technical terms related to Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

The main goal of the Handbook of Trustworthy AI is to provide to non experts, especially researchers and students, an overview of the problems related to the developing of ethical and trustworty AI systems. In particular, we want to provide an overview of the main dimensions of trustworthiness, starting with an understandable explanation of the dimensions themselves, and then presenting the characterisation of the problems (starting with a brief summary and the explanation of the importance of the dimension, presenting a taxonomy and some guidelines, if they are available and consolidated), summarising what are the major challenges and solutions in the field, as well as what are the latest research developments. However, each entry will be correlated with a bibliography, allowing the reader to go more in depth with a specific topic.

The Handbook on Trustworthy AI assumes an encyclopedia-like structure and is presented in the form of a publicly accessible WIKI. To do so, the Jupiter Book framework has been used. In the long term, the Handbook is meant to become a point of reference for resources (key concepts, tools, documentation, tutorials, teaching material, etc.) related to Trustworthy AI.