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Our challenges

  • Brain Age Prediction Challenge
    The Brain Age Prediction Challenge, available on the Codalab platform, was launched as part of the NeurotechX Hackathon. In this challenge, participants are invited to use AI to predict the age of an individual from an electroencephalogram (EEG) recording time series. Such age predictions can be an important path to the development of computational psychiatry diagnosis methods. The brain age prediction challenge is running from November 4-22.
  • Smarter mobility data challenge
    As data is at the heart of the industry 4.0, 11 large international groups and the TAILOR network challenge european students from Oct 3 to Dec 3, with the Smarter … Read more
  • Cross-Domain MetaDL: Any-Way Any-Shot Learning Competition with Novel Datasets from Pratical Domains
    Meta-learning aims to leverage the experience from previous tasks to solve new tasks using only little training data, train faster and/or get better performance. The proposed challenge focuses on “cross-domain … Read more
  • Learning to Run a Power Network Challenge (L2RPN)
    The “Learning to run a power network challenge 2022” is concerned with AI for smart grids, and it has been built by RTE, the French Power Grid operator, and the TAU team, in collaboration with EPRI, CHA Learn, Google research, UCL and IQT labs.

During the course of the project, challenges (competitions, benchmarks, hackathons) will be proposed by TAILOR members. At least one academic challenge and one challenge related to an industrial use case should be run each year during TAILOR existence.

Before volunteering to organize a competition, you need to know what you will need to provide and to do by reading
* TAILOR Challenge guidelines (deliverable 2.2), that describes how to prepare your datasets, the metric to rank the contributions, the different phases of a competition, etc
* Codalab HowTo page, providing practical instructions as well as templates for starting your own competition