3rd TAILOR Summer School: free attendance for TAILOR students, PhDs and Post-docs

The TAILOR Summer School will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 24-28 July 2023. It is being co-organized with ESSAI, the European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence, and ACAI-23.

ESSAI will have five parallel tracks, each consisting of four courses with five 90-minute sessions, one on each day of the week. ACAI-2023 will focus on Artificial Intelligence for Science, and the course will include ten half-day tutorials, each with two 90-minute sessions.

The program is available on the following website: https://essai.si

It is important to remind TAILOR students, PhDs, and post-docs that they can attend summer school for free. TAILOR students, PhDs, and post-docs are all those who are affiliated with TAILOR partners (find the list here: https://tailor-network.eu/partners/). Please note that accommodation and travel expenses are not waived, only the registration fee. TAILOR partners’ project budget may be used at each partner’s discretion to cover travel and accommodation expenses for participants at the summer schools.

If you are a TAILOR student who wants to attend the 3rd TAILOR summer school, please pre-register by 22nd May 2023, using this form: https://forms.gle/mqB4eropfw5owmxR8

Once the TAILOR project office has confirmed your status as a TAILOR student, you will receive a unique coupon code that will waive your student registration fee for ESSAI & ACAI 2023.

Please wait until you receive confirmation of your status and unique coupon code before registering for the ESSAI & ACAI 2023 summer school. This will ensure that you receive the full benefits of being a TAILOR student and will not encounter any registration issues.