July 2024

TAILOR delegation to Brussels

On May 30th 2024, representatives of the TAILOR network ( Fredrik Heintz, Roberta Calegari, Luc De Raedt and Trine Platou), made a delegation trip to Brussels to meet European policy stakeholders within the AI and research funding space. The delegation met the DG Research and Innovation, Unit Industry 5.0 & AI in Science, Digital and […]

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Shaping the Future of AI within the EU

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the European Union is taking decisive steps to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence responsibly. Recognizing AI’s vast potential alongside the imperative for safety and trust, the EU has spearheaded the TAILOR Network, a pioneering research initiative aimed at shaping a future where AI technologies are developed

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Safe and powerful AutoAI solutions amplify future research and innovation in many domains

Machine learning and other AI technologies have the potential to greatly increase scientific output in many domains, while even increasing quality and lowering costs. However, due to the current exponential growth and influx of investment and interest, access to computer scientists and machine learning specialists is often a limiting factor. Scientists working in the group

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AI-Powered Collaboration Tools

AI-powered collaboration tools can be used to find new and exciting collaborations and collaborators within the research community. As the TAILOR Network is tasked with developing trustworthy AI, making use of AI tools to further AI research leads to both new exciting opportunities and allows the researcher to put theory into practice. Leading the charge

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The TAILOR Handbook of Trustworthy AI

The possibilities and promises of AI technology might seem endless, and it’s easy to get blinded by the pace of development and visions of a utopian future. We will need massive technical breakthroughs, ethical considerations as well as the development of rules, guidelines, definition and legal requirements before we allow algorithms to access all corners

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Trustworthy AI in Education

University teachers are shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation of AI researchers. It is important that PhD students in computer science and AI learn about the results of TAILOR researchers in the domain of trustworthy AI. Researchers Peter Flach and Miquel Perello-Nieto have been leading a team of researchers collecting a set

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