A Modular Framework for Hybrid Participatory Systems

Enrico Liscio – TU Delft

PhD student

Participatory systems aim to elicit citizens’ stances on societal discussions to inform policy making. In particular, human values are a crucial component of citizens’ stances, since they are the drivers of our opinions and behaviors. AI can enable mass participation and process large quantity of citizens’ input. However, human oversight is necessary to maintain the system controllable and transparent. With this in mind, we propose a modular framework for hybrid participatory systems that combines artificial and human intelligence to aggregate citizens’ values over societal issues. We provide a structure for connecting and evaluating all the different components that are involved in the elicitation and processing of citizens’ values. The proposed framework addresses the two TAILOR’s research objectives (Trustworthy AI and combination of learning, reasoning, and optimization) through the vertical WP of Social AI.
Funding is requested for a two month visit by Enrico Liscio, a third-year PhD candidate at the TAILOR TU Delft, to the non-TAILOR Universitat de Barcelona, invited by Dr. Maite Lopez Sanchez. Funding is also requested by supervisors Dr. Pradeep K. Murukannaiah and prof. Catholijn M. Jonker from TU Delft for a one week long visit to Barcelona.

Keywords: participatory systems, hybrid intelligence, framework, modular
Scientific Area: Multiagent systems, NLP, optimization