AI Safety Working group – European kickoff workshop

Xavier Fresquet

Deputy Director, PhD at Sorbonne Université

AI systems offer the potential for substantial benefits to society but they are not without risks, such as toxicity, misinformation, and bias. As with other complex technologies, society needs industry-standard safety testing to realize the benefits while minimizing the risks. To address this problem, an AI Safety (AIS) working group has been created by MLCommons, a not-for-profit organization focussed on supporting trusted, safe, and efficient AI through better systems for measurement and accountability. The goal of the AI Safety (AIS) working group is to support community development of AI safety tests and organize definitions of research- and industry-standard AI safety benchmarks based on those tests.

Keywords: AI safety, AI standards

Scientific area: Artificial Intelligence

Bio: Xavier Fresquet serves as the Deputy Director at the Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI). Following the completion of his Ph.D. in musicology and digital humanities at Paris-Sorbonne, Xavier Fresquet joined UPMC, later becoming a part of Sorbonne University, in 2015. His research interests revolve around the intersections of musicology, medieval studies, and digital humanities, with a recent focus on machine learning. It encompasses the analysis of images depicting medieval performances, use of theoretical texts related to the Medieval musical world, and the study of musical notation.

Visiting period: 30/1/24-31/1/24 at Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI)