AI4EU and Europe’s AI-on-Demand Platform

The AI4Europe platform is an On-Demand Platform and Ecosystem, built by the AI4EU project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme. Although the AI4EU project came to an end in December 2021, the AI4Europe platform will continue to provide value to its community and to Member States through AI-related tools, knowledge, algorithms and more. 

TAILOR will implement a repository of Trustworthy AI on this platform, intended to become a point of reference for resources related to Trustworthy AI.

In addition to AI-related tools, knowledge, algorithms and use-cases, the AI4Europe on-demand Platform also offers an open space for AI developers. This open space offers a visual design method and facilitates the creation of human-centred AI solutions, building modular structures and using hybrid AI technologies. The main goal of the AI4Europe platform is to present an easily navigable overview of the community, showcasing interesting developments and allowing users to discover the best of what is being developed within the community and offering the opportunity to engage with leading stakeholders.  

While it is foreseen that a new version of the AI on-demand platform will be launched as a part of the “Digital Europe Programme” (DEP), this will not happen until the third call. Until then, the platform will be managed by a cluster of projects – ICTs 48 and ICT 49s –  which are tasked with providing new services and assets to the AI-on-demand-platform and ecosystem.

If you want to have a look at the platform, follow this link, and if you want to use the service for testing and experimenting with AI, use

If you want more information about the AI on-demand platform you’re welcome to contact Gabriel Castane ( and Barry O’Sullivan ( that are leading the engagement with the TAILOR network. For more general information you can also write to