Report from TDW “AI for Future Energy & Sustainability”

The Joint Theme Development Workshop (TDW) co-organised by CLAIRE, TAILOR and VISION on “AI for Future Energy & Sustainability” took place on the 23rd of February 2023 with the aim to develop and identify the most promising and emerging AI topics in the Energy sector. At this one-day workshop, experts from academia, industry and politics jointly developed initial input for …

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Keynote by Ray Walshe at the 3rd TAILOR conference

Ray Walshe, an internationally recognised ICT Standardisation Expert and Senior Researcher, will join the TAILOR network at the 3rd TAIILOR conference, 5-6 June 2023. His keynote will discuss how best to support innovation in new technologies, interoperability and globalisation for the market via European Union standardisation funding.

The #WeAreTAILOR social media campaign and bi-monthly open meetings

The TAILOR project unites 54 organisations and probably more than 500 scientists. Do you know them all? Probably not! Consequently, in 2023, we organise two new initiatives which will allow you to get to know us better: the TAILOR Open meetings and the social media campaign #WeAreTAILOR.

Launch of the Collaboration Exchange Fund

We have just launched a new funding mechanism, the TAILOR Collaboration Exchange Fund (CEF). This fund is open for all TAILOR PhD students, for research visits between 1-3 months at another TAILOR organisation. The fund is intended to strenghten collaboration and increase exchanges between partners. This fund is operating under a continuous call, with cut-off …

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Two new AI projects: vera.ai and MAMMOth

Two new Horizon Europe AI projects were recently launched by members of our network. The first one, vera.ai, seeks to build trustworthy AI solutions against disinformation and to set the foundation for future research in the area of AI against disinformation. The second project, MAMMOth, tackles bias that may lead to discriminating against minority and marginalised groups. MAMMOth will create tools for fairness-aware AI which ensure respect to protected attributes like gender, race and age.

Soon coming: The TAILOR Collaboration Exchange Fund!

The TAILOR network will soon launch a new fund, the TAILOR Collaboration Exchange Fund (CEF), for intra-network exchanges. It will fund short (1-3 months) research stays for TAILOR PhD students who would like to visit other TAILOR labs.

Brain Age Prediction Challenge

The Brain Age Prediction Challenge, available on the Codalab platform, was launched as part of the NeurotechX Hackathon. In this challenge, participants are invited to use AI to predict the age of an individual from an electroencephalogram (EEG) recording time series. Such age predictions can be an important path to the development of computational psychiatry diagnosis methods. The brain age prediction challenge is running from November 4-22.