Connectivity fund – deadline Nov 15

It’s time to apply for the TAILOR connectivity fund! The fund is open to all European AI researchers, who has great idea to do excellent AI research and an invitation to spend time in another European lab. The focus lies on connecting TAILOR and non-TAILOR labs, and the next deadline is November 15.

The TAILOR network includes many of Europe’s top AI lab, and the goal of the fund is to reach out to the many other excellent labs and organizations across Europe to work together and create new breakthroughs in AI. The fund aims specifically to support young researchers to gain valuable experience and nurture the next generation of AI researchers. This is why TAILOR created the Connectivity Fund.

The TAILOR connectivity fund can support both research visits and workshops. For research visits, the fund would like to finance visits that help young researchers gain experience and world-wide recognition by working in excellent labs (scientific step-up). Ideally, the visit also brings in expertise from outside the TAILOR network (scientific influx) and/or align different European AI initiatives (scientific alliance). For workshops, the fund is loooking for workshops that facilitate scientific exchange with the worldwide AI community to tackle big challenges in AI. Alternatively, the fund can finanse workshops aimed at providing a swift and coordinated reaction to unexpected developments, and to build bridges with other European AI initiatives.

Find out who is eligible and how to apply!