CLAIRE AQuA: ChatGPT and Large Language Models

The CLAIRE All Questions Answered (AQuA) Series continues with a joint AQuA, together with ICT-48 Networks of Excellence TAILOR, AI4Media and ICT-48 Coordination and Support Action VISION, focused the current hot topic of ChatGPT and Large Language Models (LLMs)! Join us on 08 March 2023 on the CLAIRE YouTube Channel and put your questions directly to a panel of CLAIRE, TAILOR and AI4Media’s leading experts on LLMs, to discuss the potential and the limitations of chatbots.


  • Dr. Morten Irgens (CLAIRE, ADRA, Kristiania)
  • Dr. Fredrik Heintz (TAILOR, Linköping University)
  • Dr. Tomas Mikolov (RICAIP, CIIRC CTU)
  • Prof. Ioannis Pitas (AI4Media, AIDA)
  • Ariel Ekgren (AI Sweden)

What is CLAIRE AQuA?

Inspired by Turing Award winner Donald E. Knuth’s All Questions Answered lecture series, CLAIRE All Questions Answered Events (AQuAs) are relaxed, 1 hour, online events that bring together a small group of panellists to discuss current hot topics in AI and beyond and answer questions from the community. These events are usually held via Zoom Webinar for CLAIRE members and members of co-hosting organisations, and live streamed to the CLAIRE YouTube channel, allowing the community at large to get involved and be a part of the discussion.


08 Mar 2023


16:00 - 17:00