Open Meeting – VW/GapData Institute/TruEra

The TAILOR Open meetings are one-hour informal meetings intended to increase communication within the TAILOR network and beyond. 

Are you curious about what’s going on in the TAILOR network? Would you like to get to know people from all TAILOR organisations? With 2-3 short online presentations on diverse topics, this is the perfect venue for anyone curious about Trustworthy AI, the TAILOR network and the participating organisations.
The principle is 2-3 short presentations by a TAILOR co-worker, followed by discussions and questions. For this new edition, we have decided to promote TAILOR partner organisations, instead of WPs, to increase the visibility of partners. 
The goal is to showcase not only the major partners but the whole TAILOR consortium. All partners are invited to present at least once. The Open meetings are bi-monthly, in the usual time slot (every second Tuesday, 9:00-10:00 CET). The invitation is sent to the TAILOR consortium and the network and can also be obtained upon request to project manager Trine Vikinge.

This time, the following TAILOR people will talk:

  • VW: Djalel Benbouzid will present Argmax (the VW AI-lab) and the the etami-project, which is now a Task Force in BDVA
  • Radovan Kavicky (GapData Institute & PyData Slovakia ) will talk about Trustworthy AI & Explainable AI.
  • TruEra: Lofred Madzou will present TruEra, a series B startup which offers a platform that helps explain, test, debug and monitor ML models; leading to higher quality and trustworthiness. Most of their clients are in the tech, financial services and retail sectors.

No registration is needed, and the zoom link can be obtained by simple request to For project partners, the zoom link is available on the shared drive.


13 Jun 2023


09:00 - 10:00




Trine Platou