Learning and optimisation (Session 4:3)

This workshop is one of the parallell sessions of the TAILOR 4th conference, on 4th June at 15:30-17:30. Venue and all practical info is on the conference main page.

Moderator: Peter Flach

15:30(CF) Graph Neural Networks for Remote SensingIvica Obadic
15:45(CF) Learning to learn without forgetting using attentionAnna Vettoruzzo
16:00(CF) Enhancing Authenticity Verification with Transfer Learning and Ensemble Techniques in Facial Feature-Based Deepfake DetectionNadeem Qazi
16:15Planning with a Learned Policy Basis to Optimally Solve Complex TasksAnders Jonsson
16:30Multi-Objective AutoML: Towards Accurate and Robust Neural NetworksJan van Rijn
16:45(CEF) Automated Design of Linear Bounding Functions for Sigmoidal Nonlinearities in Neural NetworksMatthias König
17:00Making Reasoning Matter: Measuring and Improving Faithfulness of Chain-of-Thought ReasoningDebjit Paul
17:15Discussion and closing session



04 Jun 2024


15:30 - 17:30