Keynote by Carles Sierra

On the Engineering of Social Values

Keynote by Carles Sierra

Carles Sierra, Research Professor and the Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) of the Spanish National Research Counci and president of EurAI, will give a keynote at the opening session of the 4th TAILOR conference “Trustworthy AI from Lab to market”, 4-5 June 2024, Lisbon. His talk will be about enineering moral values in autonomous agents.


Ethics in Artificial Intelligence is a wide-ranging field encompassing many open questions regarding the moral, legal and technical issues that arise with using and designing ethically-compliant autonomous agents. Under this umbrella, the computational ethics area is concerned with formulating and codifying ethical principles into software components. In this talk, I will look at a particular problem in computational ethics: engineering moral values into autonomous agents. I will present some results in this area and a vision for future research.


Carles Sierra is the Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) located in Barcelona. He is the President of EurAI, the European Association of Artificial Intelligence. He has been contributing to Artificial Intelligence research since 1985 in the areas of Knowledge Representation, Auctions, Electronic Institutions, Autonomous Agents, Multiagent Systems and Agreement Technologies. He is or has been a member of several editorial boards of journals, including AIJ and JAIR, two of the most prestigious generalist journals. He was the editor-in-chief of the JAAMAS journal, specialising in autonomous agents. He organised IJCAI, the most important international artificial intelligence conference in 2011 in Barcelona, and was the President of the IJCAI Program Committee in Melbourne in 2017. He is a Fellow of the European Association of AI, EurAI, and recipient of the ACM/SIGAI Autonomous Agents Research Award 2019.