Pictures from the workshop “TAILOR SRIR version 2”

On April 8th and 9th, a workshop was held to further develop the TAILOR SRIR version 2. The SRIR is the Strategic Research & Innovation Roadmap, and the goal was to build upon the first version and many additional inputs. The main challenge was to define a suitable structure so that the large amount of inputs can be conveyed in a clear and actionable format to policymakers, researchers, and businesses that seek to develop and implement trustworthy AI.

The workshop took place in the Dutch city of Vaals, very close to the Technical University of Aachen (Germany) and was attended by some 25 TAILOR representatives. The attendees were a very diverse group, in terms of age, background and gender, so that unwanted biases in the roadmap structure and discussions were avoided as much as possible.

A special thanks goes to TAILOR project manager Trine Platou for the pictures!