TAILOR has a LinkedIn page!

The TAILOR project now has a LinkedIn page. Here you will find all the initiatives TAILOR and TAILOR members embrace and you can always be updated on what is going on in our network.

Check it out here: TAILOR Network of Excellence Centres on Trustworthy AI

The most interesting possibility LinkedIn gives is to build a workspace in which all the people that are interested in the same topic can share information and can be linked through a network made by professional and academic people. We also intend to encourage TAILOR members to use LinkedIn for dissemination purposes, for example by participating in discussions regarding TAILOR outcome and writing short articles.

There is also the possibility to link your personal profile to TAILOR: clicking on the little pencil on the right in your profile, you can add TAILOR to your “current positions”. This will add TAILOR to the list of your current positions, without replacing any of the others. For a good example on how this can be done, have a look on professor Barry O’Sullivan’s profile.  

Hope to see you on LinkedIn!

If you are not on LinkedIn yet, you can subscribe by following this link.