TAILOR project extension

On November 15th, The European Commission approved the extension of TAILOR project from 36 to 48 months.

Extending the project duration by one year, to end of August 2024, will align the four ICT-48 networks, including TAILOR, and VISION in terms of their funding period and provide major benefits for the overall ICT-48 ecosystem:

  • It will help compensate for delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in some activities that rely on on-site interaction (such as mobility programmes);
  • It will provide additional time for the projects to streamline and align their activities, for increased efficiency and impact;
  • It will provide additional opportunities for impactful cross-network initiatives (such as AIDA, theme development workshops and integrated roadmapping) by increasing the period of time available after the streamlining and alignment process mentioned above has been completed;
  • It will increase the sustainability of important outcomes of the ICT-48 projects (in particular, of cross-networks initiatives which have suffered from COVID-19-related delays).

The overall budget will remain unchanged.

The most important modifications to the amendment are the following:

  • Tasks extended to M48
  • KPIs updated to meet the end goals at M48
  • Milestones and deliverables redistributed to cover 48 months
  • Addition of one conference and one summer school