TAILOR scientists at AAAI2024

The 38th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-24) will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia at the Vancouver Convention Centre – West Building from 20-27 February 2024.

“The purpose of the AAAI conference series is to promote research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and foster scientific exchange between researchers, practitioners, scientists, students, and engineers across the entirety of AI and its affiliated disciplines. AAAI-24 will feature technical paper presentations, special tracks, invited speakers, workshops, tutorials, poster sessions, senior member presentations, competitions, and exhibit programs, and a range of other activities to be announced.”

In this context, professor Sarit Kraus (Bar-Ilan University) will give a keynote speech on “Smart Advice: Intelligent Agents Assisting Humans in the Super AI Era”, in which she “will highlight the challenges that emerge when humans need to collaborate with drones, autonomous vehicles, and intelligent systems for negotiation and mediation. Additionally, we will introduce several approaches for developing assisting agents aimed at enhancing human performance and satisfaction.” Read the full abstract of her presentation here: https://aaai.org/aaai-conference/invited-speakers/#Kraus

Moreover, many TAILOR scientists will participate in the conference, both in different tracks and/or satellite workshops. Here the list of the contributions:

Paper presentations
  • Matthias König (ULEI); Holger Hoos; Jan von Rijn – “Accelerating Adversarially Robust Model Selection for Deep Neural Networks via Racing” — Safe, Robust, and Responsible AI (SRRAI) track.
  • Gwladys Kelodjou; Laurence Rozé; Véronique Masson; Luis Galárraga (INRIA partner, Rennes site, Lacodam group); Romaric Gaudel; Maurice Tchuente; Alexandre Termier (INRIA partner, Rennes site, Lacodam group) – “Shaping Up SHAP: Enhancing Stability through Layer-Wise Neighbor Selection” – AAAI main track
  • Alessandro Betti (Université Côte d’Azur); Michele Casoni (University of Siena); Marco Gori; Simone Marullo; Stefano Melacci; Matteo Tiezzi – “Neural Time-Reversed generalized Riccati Equation
  • Thorsten Engesser; Andreas Herzig; Elise Perrotin – “Towards Epistemic-Doxastic Planning with Observation and Revision in a Lightweight Logic” – AAAI main track.
  • N. Alechina; M. Dastani; G. De Giacomo; B. Logan; G. Perelli; G. Varricchione – “Pure-Past Action Masking” – AAAI main track
  • Sonny Achten; Francesco Tonin; Panagiotis Patrinos; Johan Suykens – “Unsupervised Neighborhood Propagation Kernel Layers for Semi-supervised Node Classification” – AAAI main track
  • Luca Andolfi; Gianluca Cima; Marco Console; Maurizio Lenzerini – “What Does a Query Answer Tell You? Informativeness of Query Answers for Knowledge Bases” – AAAI main track
  • Samaksh Chandra; Steven Prestwich (UCC) – “Constraint Acquisition by Transformer” – AAAI 2024 Bridge on Constraint Programming and Machine Learning track
  • Diego Biagini; Roberta Calegari (UniBo); Andrea Borghesi – “Generation of Clinical Skin Images with Pathology with Scarce Data” – workshop W3PHIAI24 (http://w3phiai2024.w3phi.com/index.html)
  • Giuseppe Spallitta; Roberto Sebastiani; Armin Biere – “Disjoint Partial Enumeration without Blocking Clauses” – AAAI main track
  • Zeki Doruk Erden; Boi Faltings (EPFL LIA) – “Directed Structural Adaptation to Overcome Statistical Conflicts and Enable Continual Learning” – workshop DEPLOYABLE AI (DAI)
  • Petr Illner; Petr Kučera – “A Compiler for Weak Decomposable Negation Normal Form”
  • Burden; Pablo A.M. Casares; Bao Sheng Loe; Roi Reichart ;Sean Ó hÉigeartaigh; Anna Korhonen; José Hernández-Orallo – “Your Prompt is My Command: On Assessing the Human-Centred Generality of Multimodal Models” – AAAI journal track
  • Luisa Werner (UGA+INRIA); Nabil Layaïda; Pierre Genevès; Jérôme Euzenat; Damien Graux – “Reproduce, Replicate, Reevaluate. The Long but Safe Way to Extend Machine Learning Methods”

See you in Vancouver!