The Joint Strategic Research Agenda (SRA): a collaborative effort for the Future of AI

The EU’s six Networks of AI Excellence Centres (NoEs) are providing a Joint Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). 

The European Union’s aspirations for AI, Data and Robotics (ADR) that are “made in Europe” demand an ambitious approach to advancing European AI research and development. The EU’s six AI Networks of Excellence (NoEs) – AI4Media, ELISE, ELSA, euROBIN, HUMANE-AI-Net, and TAILOR – are providing a framework for delivering these ambitions, by advancing the frontiers of AI, data and robotics research and its translation to real-world impact in different domains.

The joint SRA complements the different Strategic Research Agendas (SRAs) that have already been published by AI4Media, ELISE, HUMANE-AI and TAILOR.

Find the full text of the first version and many more details on VISION’s website: