The TAILOR roadmap shows the path towards Trustworthy AI

The TAILOR project is focussed on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence through Learning, Optimization and Reasoning, and address topics that are currently very actively investigated. Therefore, defining a roadmap was an ambitious endeavour. The editorial team led by Marc Schoenauer, INRIA, France and Michela Milano, Bologna University have assembled voices from the TAILOR network and beyond to define a set of challenges related to the dimensions of trustworthy AI: explainability, safety, robustness, fairness, accountability, privacy and sustainability. The roadmap is now available in a first version and it contains recommendations for the direction of future European AI research.

First version available now

The TAILOR Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap (SRIR) of the TAILOR project is now available in a first version. The document is available on the TAILOR website, and will be the focus of discussions during the upcoming 2nd TAILOR conference. To create the raodmap, the editorial team have analyse major Roadmaps and Research and Innovation agendas of AI related initiatives, such as the AI4EU Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and the AI, Data and Robotics PPP Strategic Research Innovation and Deployment Agenda and the AI Watch Index 2021. Also, strategic and roadmapping documents of initiatives from connected fields (e.g., HPC, IoT, Cybersecurity) have been evaluated to find connections and synergies.

The roadmap is based on input from both industry and academia, especially working groups related to the five research themes of TAILOR and a series of theme development workshops organised in close collaboration with industry.

Short- and long-term recommendations

This present version is the first version of the roadmap. It should be considered a living document that acts as a starting point for this important initiative. Since the AI landscape is moving very fast, TAILOR SRIR will be updated yearly and provisions made to perpetuate it beyond TAILOR. Even though it is a snapshot of the current situation, it also contains short- and long-term recommendations for the direction of future European AI research.