1st ContinualAI Unconference

Vincenzo Lo Monaco

Assistant Professor and ContinualAI President

Organized by the non-profit research organization ContinualAI, the conference aims at speeding-up the long desired inclusive and sustainable progress of our community with an open-access, multi-timezone, 24 hours long event which brings together ideas at the intersection of machine learning, computational neuroscience, robotics and more!

The natural world is a dynamic environment that is constantly changing, requiring humans and animals to adapt. However, much research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is focused on the static train-test paradigm with heavily curated datasets. CLAI Unconf has a broad focus beyond these static assumptions. In particular, its themes include (but are not limited to):

– Navigating complex data collection systems
– Understanding and describing continuous streams of data
– Lifelong learning processes and generalization of knowledge beyond a specific target
– Discovering new concepts in changing environments and handling partially observable information from potentially disparate data sources
– Related topics from an interdisciplinary perspective

More detailed information about the event can be found in its official website: unconf.continualai.org