CLAIRE | Rising Research Network: AI Research and Mental Well-Being Workshop

Nicolò Brandizzi

PhD student at Sapienza University of Rome

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) research and applications have emphasized the need for collaboration between academia and industry, especially among new AI researchers. Such collaborations drive innovation, translate research into practical solutions, and address sector-specific challenges. The CLAIRE Rising Researcher Network (R2Net) aims to create a shared space for Ph.D. students in AI across Europe, offering support, networking opportunities, and resources. Our proposed one-day event during the ESSAI Summer School will feature a presentation on R2Net, a panel discussion on Ph.D. life, an ESA Φ-Lab presentation, and a networking session. By addressing common challenges and fostering collaboration, this event aims to strengthen partnerships, support mental well-being, and contribute to advancing trustworthy AI research. The expected outcomes include enhanced collaboration, knowledge exchange, networking, and improved well-being among participants. This event will have a positive impact on individual researchers and the broader scientific community by fostering stronger connections and driving advancements in AI research.

Purpose of the visit

This proposal aims to organize a one-day event as part of the TAILOR-ESSAI Summer School, in collaboration with CLAIRE Rising Research Network (R2Net). The event will focus on fostering a closer-knit community of young AI researchers in Europe, including supporting AI researchers and promoting mental well-being for Ph.D. students. The event will feature presentations, discussions, and interactive activities, as well as provide networking opportunities for participants, showcasing the value of R2Net’s collaborative efforts in the AI community.

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