Platforms: AI-on-demand Platform

The AI-on-demand platform (AIOD) seeks to act as a resource to facilitate European research and innovation in AI. The objective of the platform is to support all solutions and tools that contribute to the ecosystem of excellence and the ecosystem of trust, which define the European Vision of AI.

The AIOD is a community resource in which diverse educative, interactive, learning tools are collected to enhance and support all solutions that contribute to the ecosystem of excellence and the ecosystem of trust, which define the European Vision of AI.

On AIOD, people can

  • Share their work, such as
    • Case studies
    • AI assets
    • Projects
    • News and Events
    • Open calls
    • Educational content
    • Research bundle
  • Take advantage of some services, which are:
    • An Experimentation service for AI developers with access to our resources and an Open Space to develop human-centered AI solutions
    • Matchmaking service for connecting businesses, AI experts & hardware providers & exploring AI in different languages
    • DIH Support service for SMEs and tech governmental agencies
    • An Earth Observation service for users of Copernicus data (scientists, SMEs, etc.)
    • Planning and Scheduling service for companiesSMEs and innovators
    • An AI in Energy service for SMEs reshaping their energy value chain
    • scalable AI-as-a Service service for the Deep Edge helping SMEs digitalise

The first development of the AI on-demand platform was initiated in 2019, by setting its basic functionalities and gathering human and technical resources to handle it.

The initial investment by the European Commission was followed by the funding of six supporting projects (ICT49-2020, AI4media, Human-AI, TAILOR, Vision, Elise), each of which is committed to building new innovative services for the platform. 


As a first action, TAILOR stored on the AI-on-demand platform the contents recorded from the first summer school, which was online in September 2021.

You can easily have access to this content by clicking on this link and following the instructions:

More initiatives, educational tools and resources by TAILOR will be available on the AIOD in the future.

If you have questions about the AI-on-demand platform, contact 

Find all the initiatives and information about AIOD on its webpage: