Evaluating the Trustworthiness of Human-like Robotic Motion

Filipa Correia

Assistant Researcher at Interactive Technologies Institute, University of Lisbon

The research project will explore the trustworthiness of an embodied AI, such as a social robot. Specifically, it will investigate whether the performance of humanlike motions of a non-humanoid robot enhances the perceived trustworthiness of that robot. Beyond the scientific contribution to the current literature on humanlike robotic behaviours and trustworthy AI, the visiting appointment will constitute a unique opportunity to boost the academic career of the applicant.

Keywords: Trustworthy AI; Social Robotics; Human-Robot Interaction; Anthropomorphism

Scientific area: Computer Science; Engineering; Psychology

Bio: Filipa Correia received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, 2021. She is currently an assistant researcher at LARSyS. Her multidisciplinary research tackles the intersection of robotics, computer science and social psychology (i.e., human-robot interaction), and it is particularly focused on group dynamics between humans and robots in collaborative scenarios. In the past, she was a teaching assistant in the courses of Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agents Systems, Society and Computing, and Social Robots \& Human-Robot Interaction. She had also been part of three EU Projects, EMOTE, iv4XR and DCitizens. Filipa has scientific contributions in top-tier venues in the fields of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction (e.g., RSS, AAMAS, IROS, HRI, HCI), and she already did community service (e.g., Program Committee). Her work has been widely acknowledged by the scientific community especially within the topics of human-robot group interactions and human-robot teamwork.

Visiting period: 1 month at Bielefeld University