Machine Learning Modalities for Materials Science

Milica Todorovic

Associate professor at University of Turku

In the past decade, artificial intelligence algorithms have demonstrated a tremendous potential and impact in speeding up the processing, optimisation, and discovery of new materials. The objective of the workshop and school “Machine Learning Modalities for Materials Science” (MLM4MS 2024) was to bring together the community of researchers from computer science, materials science, physics and chemistry to review the state-of-the-art developments in the research area and discuss future directions.

Keywords: heterogenous data, text and image recognition, AI-guided experimentation, foundation models, generative models

Scientific area: materials informatics, multi-modal AI

Bio: Milica Todorović is an Associate Professor at the University of Turku and the head of the Materials Informatics Laboratory (MIL) group. Her research combines artificial intelligence algorithms and first-principles simulations with the objective to optimize functional materials and their performance in devices.

Visiting period: 13-17 May 2024 at Institute “Jožef Stefan”