PhD curriculum on Trustworthy AI

The TAILOR Network of Excellence is proud to present a PhD curriculum on Trustworthy AI. The TAILOR curriculum gives a detailed specification of the structure and content of a possible training programme that could be delivered by academic institutions as part of a PhD degree.

Coordinated by researchers Peter Flach and Miquel Perello Nieto of Bristol University, the PhD curriculum is based on the main topics covered by TAILOR: Foundations of Trustworthy AI, AI Paradigms and Representations, Deciding and Learning How to Act, Reasoning and Learning in Social Contexts, and Automated AI. Scientists from all areas contributed to defining the learning outcomes in terms of acquired knowledge, methodological skills and transferable skills.

Work on the TAILOR PhD curriculum was done in collaboration with the four ICT-48 AI networks within the VISION Coordination and Support Action, taking place under the auspices of the International AI Doctoral Academy (AIDA) as part of an effort to put together a more general PhD curriculum on Artificial Intelligence. The work was funded by EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

The deliverable report with the full program can be downloaded from (deliverable 9.6).