Invited Keynote about TAILOR network and Trustworthy AI at “Innovate&Talk” by NTT Data 

On 31 January 2023, Dr. Silke Balzert-Walter (German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI – coordinator of TAILOR WP8 (Industry, Innovation and Transfer Program) was invited by NTT Data to present TAILOR and WP8-activities in a keynote titled “Trustworthy AI in the European AI Networks of Excellence”.  

NTT Data is a global industrial company outside the TAILOR project specialised in IT services, represented in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Argentina, and Brazil with around 17,000 IT experts. NTT Data with its Spanish subsidiary was part of the organising committees for the past Theme Development Workshops “AI for Future Healthcare” and “AI for Future Manufacturing”. Based on this very successful collaboration, NTT Data reached out to DFKI in order to give a keynote presentation on the joint work in their expert talks called “Innovate&Talk”. This format enables the exchange of new and innovative topics and projects within NTT Data. 

In her talk, Dr. Balzert-Walter introduced the Network of Excellence TAILOR with its goals and thematic areas and presented the content and objectives of the TAILOR Roadmap and the TAILOR Handbook on Trustworthy AI. In addition to these topics, she presented some results from the Theme Development Workshops, including key challenges identified for the respective industry sectors. Dr. Balzert-Walter closed her presentation with further collaboration opportunities with the TAILOR network, such as the TAILOR Summer School, the TAILOR Conference in Siena and further activities like hackathons and challenges from WP8 and WP2 respectively. 

The talk was highly appreciated, more than 309 NTT Data employees from around the world attended the online live event. We are very delighted about the great collaboration so far, as well as the recently expressed intention of NTT Data to become a TAILOR network member.