Report from the first TAILOR Conference

The first TAILOR Conference was held on September 21-22, 2021. Around 100 people participated in plenary sessions with lectures and discussions as well as in poster sessions.

Professor Mireille Hildebrand was invited for a keynote address and talked about the upcoming European AI regulation, the AI act. The discussions following were indeed interesting and engaging, and surely to be continued!

The conference offered an opportunity to discuss with fellow project members the achievements so far as well as the path forward.

This conference was for TAILOR partners only and, due to covid restrictions, fully digital. But we are now making plans for TAILOR Conference #2, which we hope will not be digital, and where we expect to welcome also external guests! The conference will be open to TAILOR partners, network members and others who are interested in the scientific foundations of trustworthy AI. Keep informed by signing up for our newsletter!