TAILOR Initiates Roadmapping Activities to Ensure Trustworthy AI Systems

The TAILOR project has continued its roadmapping activities by conducting a thematic workshop centred around addressing crucial questions regarding the trustworthiness of AI.

Key areas of focus during the workshop included developing methods for measuring and quantifying TAI, generating trust through certifications, and identifying the mentoring and training required to enhance trustworthiness. A key point concerned the exploration of strategies for making learning optimization reasoning (LOR) based systems trustworthy and enforcing Trustworthy AI (TAI) principles within AI systems that utilize LOR. Urgent actions and priorities were also deliberated upon, with the aim of establishing a comprehensive roadmap for advancing trustworthiness in AI.

Future endeavours will involve collecting feedback from other initiatives and fostering collaboration to create synergies. Notable events on the horizon include the TAILOR conference + ICT-48 event, scheduled to take place in Siena from June 5th to 7th (https://tailor-network.eu/events/3rd-tailor-conference/), and the ICT-49 event in Athens on June 29th and 30th (https://www.ai4europe.eu/news-and-events/news/ai-ecosystem-forum-2023-athens-gr).

The TAILOR project, committed to promoting trustworthy AI systems, aims to leverage the insights gathered from these roadmapping activities to drive advancements in the field. Stay tuned for further updates on the outcomes of the roadmapping activities and the subsequent initiatives undertaken by TAILOR to enhance the trustworthiness of AI systems.