TAILOR Scientists at IJCAI 2023 in Macao

We are thrilled to announce that some TAILOR scientists will be participating in one of the most prestigious conferences in the AI field: IJCAI 2023 in Macao.

IJCAI 2023 is the 32nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, and it will take place in Macao, S.A.R., 19th-25th August 2023.

Here below the list of accepted papers, workshops and tutorials provided by TAILOR scientists.

  • T23: Combinatorial Solving with Provably Correct Results
    Bart Bogaerts; Jakob Nordström; Ciaran McCreesh
  • Title: A Computational Model of Ostrom’s Institutional Analysis and Development Framework
    Authors: Nieves Montes, Nardine Osman, Carles Sierra
    Track: Journal Track
  • Title: Game-theoretic Mechanisms for Eliciting Accurate Information
    Author/speaker: Boi Faltings
    Track: Survey Track
  • Title: Graph-based Polyphonic Multitrack Music Generation 
    Authors: Emanuele Cosenza [SPEAKER], Andrea Valenti and Davide Bacciu
    Track: Special Track on AI, the Arts and Creativity
  • Title: Learning constraint networks over unknown constraint languages
    Authors: Christian Bessiere, Clement Carbonnel, Areski Himeur
    Track: Main track
  • Title: Explainable Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Temporal Queries
    Authors: Kayla Boggess, Sarit Kraus and Lu Feng
  • Title: Responsible Design Practices for Trustworthy AI: A Design Patterns Approach
    Author: Wiebke Hutiri (TU Delft)
    Track: Doctoral Consortium
  • Title: Leveraging Argumentation for Generating Robust Sample-based Explanations
    Authors: Leila Amgoud, Philippe Muller, Henri Trenquier
    Track: Main track
  • Title: Parametrized Gradual Semantics Dealing with Varied Degrees of Compensation
    Authors: Dragan Doder, Leila Amgoud, Srdjan Vesic
    Track: Main track
  • Title: A Rule-Based Modal View of Causal Reasoning
    Author: Emiliano Lorini
    Track: Main track
  • Title: Moral Planning Agents with LTL Values
    Authors: Umberto Grandi, Emiliano Lorini, Timothy Parker
    Track: Main track
  • Title: Measuring and Controlling Divisiveness in Rank Aggregation
    Authors: Rachael Colley, Umberto Grandi, Cesar Hidalgo, Mariana Macedo, Carlos Navarrete
    Track: Main track
  • Title: Discounting in Strategy Logic
    Authors: Munyque Mittelmann, Aniello Murano, Laurent Perrussel
    Track: Main track
  • IARLM@IJCAI 2023
    Organised by Miguel Couceiro (Loria)
    The purpose of this workshop is to bring together AI researchers at the crossroads of machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge representation and reasoning, who are interested in the various applications of analogical reasoning in machine learning or, conversely, of machine learning techniques to improve analogical reasoning.
    More info: https://iarml2023-ijcai.loria.fr