Joint Series of Theme Development Workshops – Report of the 2nd cross-cutting TDW on “Trusted AI: The Future of Creating Ethical and Responsible AI Systems”

The second cross-cutting Theme Development Workshop (TDW) on “Trusted AI: The Future of Creating Ethical and Responsible AI Systems” was held on 13 September 2023. The TDW was co-organised by all six Networks of AI Excellence (NoE) AI4MediaELISEELSAeuRobinHumanE-AI-NetTAILOR together with CLAIRE under the lead of the CSA VISION. The workshop was aimed to develop and identify the most promising and emerging topics around Trustworthy AI. At this one-day workshop, experts from public and governmental institutions, industry and academia jointly developed initial input for the European AI research and innovation roadmap.

Inspired by introductory speeches and presentations from selected experts, the participants actively discussed a wide variety of topics during the breakout sessions and shared their main results in the subsequent plenary presentations. Furthermore, some initial ideas for follow-up activities and further collaborations were identified.

The TDW on Trusted AI was very successful and received a lot of positive feedback: more than 120 participants from nineteen countries joined the workshop, with an almost equal gender balance. The workshop also caught the attention of high-level institutions from various international universities and representatives of the European Commission, Airbus, ABB, CBS, CEA and many more.

The Organising Committee institutions were Aalto University, CEA, CISPA, DFKI, CERTH-ITI and Umeå University. From DFKI, Marlies Thönnissen, Janina Hoppstädter and Kyra Kiefer were instrumental in organising the workshops. Among other things, they are responsible for various work packages on cooperation between research and industry in VISION and TAILOR and are part of the CLAIRE Office Saarbrücken.

Based on the discussions and the collaborative documents from the breakout sessions, the Organising Committee is now preparing a report with the key results from the Theme Development Workshop.  This report will be published via the organisers’ websites to make the results available to a broader audience, and the European AI community. 

We would like to thank everyone who was part of the workshop and look forward to more joint activities of the Networks of AI Excellence!